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Chef's Cut: Real Jerky

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When the Co Founder and Chef, Blair Swiler, set out to make a tastier, more tender jerky for himself and his family, he didn't realize he was taking a tradition as old as the world itself and making it better. It wasn't until his business partner Dennis Riedel started sharing their "Filet in a Bag" with friends that they realized they we were about to turn the jerky world on its head. Chef's Cut took real cuts of meat, hand-cut, just like you'd find in the butcher shop, cured them using our own proprietary smoking process, spiced them naturally, just like you would a piece of quality meat, and put it in a bag. The result was a different kind of Jerky. Jerky done right. They didn't up and change the way people think about Jerky just because they could. They did it because they don't believe that anything, or anyone, should ever stop improving. Should ever have limits. The mission at Chef's Cut is simple: make the best jerky they can, every day, and never stop making it better.

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