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GoSun Solar Stoves

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GoSun is committed to a solar-fueled lifestyle. The simple design of GoSun stoves allow food to be cooked quickly without using any gas. Take the GoSun Mini Kit; an ultra-portable cooker that can go above 400° in 5-10 minutes only using the sun. We started stocking GoSun stoves in the summer of 2015, and they are quickly becoming one of our best selling stoves. The compact design allows you to strap the stove to your pack so you can use it on backpacking and camping trips. Don't worry if there are clouds covering the sun because the GoSun is so effective it works in almost all weather. The tube acts as an insulator and is able to attract light from all angles and keep it contained within. If you are looking for a great alternative to using fuel for cooking, then look no further than the GoSun stove.