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Kate's Real Food

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Kate believes in playing all day and fueling on the way, that’s why Kate started Kates’ Real Food Bars so she wouldn't have to stop for lunch at the base area. Originating in Jackson Hole, Kate's Tram Bars were made for big mountain play, mainly, for maximizing ski time at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The organic and all natural bars have rich textures and an amazing flavor mix which has created addicts far and wide. With a growing line up, there is a flavor for everyone! If you’re a peanut butter lover, the Grizzly Bar, Stash Bar or Tram Bar will keep you sustained all day. If you are otherwise inclined, the Tiki Bar or Handle Bar will keep your energy levels where they need to be to maintain your performance from first chair to last run. Designed by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts, these energy bars aren't your normal granola bars. You'll be left feeling powered up and ready to keep your adventure going.