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Meet Mammut

This year one of our favorite brands is celebrating their 153rd anniversary. Swiss rope maker Kasper Tanner started Mammut in 1862, and despite the company’s old age, they’ve never looked better.

Mammut’s DNA has and always will be ropes, but in the 1970’s and 80’s they branched into apparel and gear. They carry a wide variety of products and all of them are focused on getting you to summit.

Credit: Mamut Credit: Mammut

What sets Mammut apart in the outdoor climbing and expedition world? Maybe it’s the fact that they have spent more than 150 years perfecting their gear. Experience is the most valuable component of any brand.


Experience translates into quality. When climbing the 8th pitch crux and you uncontrollably start doing the shaky leg, you can feel confident that your Mammut harness, rope, and quickdraws are going to keep you safe.

Credit: Mammut Credit: Mammut

Quality is produced in the factory. Every single meter of rope is manufactured and tested at their own facility in Switzerland. The entire process, from the first design to the final testing stages, happens in the same facility. This is a HUGE benefit. No need to worry about some unknown manufacturer on the side that may or may not follow the brands same high quality standards.


Another important component necessary to produce premier gear are the people in the factory. Obviously. But this can be overlooked easily. To make sure the factory workers are treated well and have good conditions, Mammut joined the Fair Wear Foundation in 2008. An organization that keeps backs brands who meet their standards of labor conditions. No one want’s a piece of gear made by someone who hates their job.


Credit: Mammut Credit: Mammut

This last characteristic of Mammut may be the most important, at least to die-hard granolas and dirt baggers. In 2011 Mammut joined Bluesign, a company that helps eliminate substances that are harmful to the environment, from the very beginning of manufacturing.


CampSaver is proud to carry and use Mammut products. You should be too. If you don’t endorse Mammut, it’s no wonder you're still single. Here's a cool video.

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