Granite Gear Sizing Chart

Torso length :

sizing and custom fitting optionsWhat torso length should I get? To find your torso length, measure the distance between your seventh cervical vertebra and the shelf of your hipbones. Do this by standing up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Tilt your head forward and place your hands on your hips, thumbs to the back. With a flexible tape, have someone measure from the most prominent vertebra at the base of your neck to an imaginary line drawn between your thumbs. This will be your torso length.

Cirrus, Stratus & Nimbus

Short Torso 14” to 18”
Regular Torso 18” to 22”
NOTE: Each framesheet has fine adjustment settings spaced in one inch increments to further fine-tune your fit. If you are an 18” torso try the short torso first.

All Other Packs including Vapor Suspension Packs

Short Torso 15” to 18”
Regular Torso 18” to 21”
Long Torso 21” to 25”
NOTE: These packs are not adjustable since the shoulder straps are “fixed.

Belt Sizing

Ultralight Pack Belt - Standard equipment on all of our Ultralight Packs (except Virga) and all packs with the Vapor Suspension. This belt is a “soft” belt. It has no plastic exoskeleton like our other belts. It is lighter and more comfortable when carrying smaller loads of 40 pounds or less. Although it is our simplest interchangeable belt, it still boasts the Pivot Point connection (except on Vapor Suspension Packs), hip stabilizers, dual density foam and Schoeller Dynamic fabric. ( Not Available in XL Size)

Light Pack Belt - All the features of the Ultralight Belt plus a plastic exoskeleton that adds load bearing support. The high density plastic forms a wishbone shape that cups around your hip bone. The belt webbing is joined into the exoskeleton for an effective “wrap” around your hips. When fit properly this exoskeleton helps to keep the belt positioned right where it needs to be to transfer the weight to your hips. This belt is standard equipment on all the Light Packs.

Standard/Expedition Belt - Compatible with all Standard Packs and Expedition Pack models. It is designed to support serious loads in amazing comfort. In addition to all the features of the Light Pack Belt, the Standard/Expedition Belt is wider and sports our exclusive Cruise Control strap (pg. 14). The Cruise Control is a hip belt stabilizer strap that works dynamically to pull the load into your hips while still allowing the belt to pivot on the Pivot Point hardware. You can adjust how much you want the belt to pivot by loosening the black hip stabilizer strap and adjusting the silver cruise control. Lots of pivot works well off trail or on steep climbs and descents. Less pivot for the flats. Of course you can lock your belt to eliminate any pivoting action by simply tightening the black hip stabilizer strap. Now that’s Cruise Control!

Men's Hip Belt Sizing
Size Hip Measurement
small 26" - 30"
medium 30" - 34"
large 34" - 38"
x - large 38" - 42"
note: hip measured by circumference at hip crest

Women's Hip Belt Sizing
Size Hip Measurement
small 26" - 30"
medium 30" - 34"
large 34" - 38"
x - large 38" - 42"
note: hip measured by circumference at hip crest. women's belts are sculpted to fit the increased angle of women's hips.

Shoulder Strap Sizing

For a truly custom fit on our Cirrus, Stratus and Nimbus packs you can swap out shoulder straps. To find the ideal shoulder strap size, measure your chest. Shoulder straps come in two widths also. The trim fit shoulder strap is standard on most packs except the Expedition packs which sport a wide fit shoulder strap that can comfortably carry loads over 60 lbs. Our shoulder straps fit both men and women well. New this year: All short torso packs and women’s packs will come standard with a narrower pivot point attachment bar that fits medium to narrow shoulders better.

trim and wide shoulder straps
Size Chest Size
small 27" - 34"
medium 34" - 40"
large 40" - 46"
x - large 46" - 52"